Angelo Gilardino Guitar Concertos


Angelo Gilardino 3 Concertos for Guitar and Chamber Orchestra

(C) 2014 – Brilliant Classics
Anno di pubblicazione: 2014
Etichetta discografica: Brilliant Classics
Periodo: 10 Agosto 2012 – 19 Marzo 2013
Sede: Varie sedi in Italia
Post-produzione: Me.To. Recording Studio

Angelo Gilardino’s compositions are all inspired by literary creations or paintings, although there is nothing deliberately programmatic about these works, which seek rather to convey in broad-brush strokes the associated atmospheres or connotations of their titles.

Here’s a chance to devour three such pieces by this leading contemporary composer, beginning with Hykkara – whose prevailing atmosphere is that of a distant past (the title refers to an ancient city of Sicily, then known as Magna Graecia). The concerto’s orchestration – which for Gilardino is always an integral part of the aesthetics of the music – establishes the fate of the solo instrument, whereas in the ensuing work, Concertino del falco, it is the solo guitar that leads the poetic discourse, evoking dark, troubled images. Falco was composed in memory of the German writer Ernst Wiechert, who was imprisoned by the Nazis and whose experiences led him to seek a return to pure nature and salvation in God.

The freedom of the falcon can be seen as an attempt at getting closer to the divine, away from troubled humankind, and the wind play a particularly important role in this work, creating a mélange of constantly changing colours that recall an earlier age by way of a mysterious, poetic dream world. The Concerto di Oliena completes the line-up, a work in which Gilardino focuses on the characteristic sense of distance evoked by this Sardinian village, favouring the development of parallel timbres in the orchestra over compactness and density of sound. The piece was dedicated by the composer to its performer, Cristiano Porqueddu, who is joined by two other leading Italian guitarists on this recording: Angelo Marchese, for whom Hykkara was written, and Alberto Mesirca. Transporting the listener on a journey back through time, this enchanting release – a veritable study in musical poeticisation – is a worthwhile addition to Brilliant Classics’ guitar discography.