Fernando Sor 20 Studies for Guitar

Fernando Sor - 20 Studies for Guitar

FERNANDO SOR – 20 Studies for guitar
(Prima registrazione basata sulla revisione degli studi di Angelo Gilardino, edita da Curci)

(C) 2010 – Brilliant Classics

Anno di pubblicazine: 2010
Etichetta discografica: Brilliant Classics
Periodo: 8-22 Novembre 2009
Sede: Chiesa La Solitudine e Chiesa San Carlo
(Nuoro, ITALIA)
Chitarra: Giuseppe Guagliardo, 2003
Corde: Augustine Imperials

The first complete recording based on the new Curci edition of the famous 20 Studies of the Spanish composer Fernando Sor (1778 – 1839) selected by Andrés Segovia and edited by Angelo Gilardino.
Angelo Gilardino (Vercelli, Italy, 1941), composer, guitarist, musicologist and teacher, was the artistic director of the Andrés Segovia Foundation at Linares (Spain) from 1997 until 2005. He rescued many unknown works for guitar in the Segovia’s archive, providing a powerful contribution to the repertoire of this instrument in the 20th century.

Completely revisited in the timbres and colors of high value music for six strings belonging to the classical repertoire and of great interest to students and professionals.

A complete and innovative reading, carried out thanks to ‘urtext’ version, the latter the result of a comparison of minunzioso sources. It follows a synoptic reading of the two versions from which emerge in a transparent way the nature of the work of Segovia and creative teaching of a classical author that he read and interpreted in the light of his aesthetics and his ideal.