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La casa discografica olandese Brilliant Classics pubblica oggi 3 aprile un doppio CD di Riccardo D’alò e Lorenzo Micheli Pucci interamente incentrato sulla musica che ho scritto per chitarra sola. I due interpreti hanno fatto un lavoro di ricerca interpretativa e di approfondimento che non ho timore a definire notevole.

La tracklist include le seguenti composizioni, tutte già pubblicate:

[CD 1 di 2]
Chitarrista Riccardo D’alò
Sonata I “Des Couleurs sur la Toile”
01. Les fleurs imaginaires
02. Chanson au crépuscule
03. La terre des lumières
Sonata II “Des Couleurs sur la Toile”
04. Racconti dal Li Foj
05. I monti blu (su un dipinto di Anna Faraone)
06. Campane a festa
Sonata III “Il Rito del Fuoco”
07. Lento – Allegro Fantastico
08. Adagio incantato
09. Mosso misterioso

[CD 2 di 2]
Chitarrista Lorenzo Micheli Pucci
Eight Studies from Views of Xiaoxiang
01. Studio No.1 江天暮雪 – The snow in the evening on the Xiang River
02. Studio No.2 瀟湘夜雨 – The rain at night on the Xiaoxiang
03. Studio No.3 平沙落雁 – The wild geese coming home
04. Studio No.4 煙寺晚鐘 – The evening gong at Qingliang Temple
05. Studio No.5 山市晴嵐 – The temple in the mountain
06. Studio No.6 漁村夕照 – The fishing village in the evening glow
07. Studio No.7 洞庭秋月 – The moon in autumn on Dongting Lake
08. Studio No.8 遠浦歸帆 – The sailing ship returning home

Diptico de la oscuridad
09. I. El Lejno Tañido
10. II. La mañana llena de tempestad

Metamorfosis de la soledad (su uno studio di Angelo Gilardino)
14. I. Grave
15. II. Allegro non troppo
16. III. Come una canzone
17. IV. Adagio
18. V. Andantino con grazia
19. VI. Lento

Dal sito dell’editore:

The first disc in this two-CD set contains Sardinian composer Cristiano Porqueddu’s first three sonatas for solo guitar, written between 2013 and 2019 and performed here by his compatriot Riccardo D’Alò. ‘Des couleurs sur la toile’, in three movements, pays homage to the painter Gesuino Curreli, the composer’s maternal uncle, who paints landscapes of contemporary Oliena, a town in northern Sardinia. ‘Sonata di Picerno’ – completed in 2015 and dedicated to Italian guitarist Christian Saggese – is a musical portrait of the distinctive town of Picerno in the beautiful Basilicata region of Italy. All three of its movements narrate an entirely fictional leyenda (legend). Sonata No.3, ‘Il rito del fuoco’, is based on an ancient Sardinian legend that tells of Saint Anthony and his pig stealing fire from hell to give to humanity. It is a cyclical composition, which remains anchored in the harmonic and thematic elements introduced in the first section throughout.

The recordings on disc two – performed by Lorenzo Micheli Pucci, a guitarist from Piedmont in northern Italy – were written by Porqueddu between 2011 and 2020. Díptico de la oscuridad is a homage to Pablo Neruda’s poetic atmospheres and is dedicated to Italo-Australian guitarist Ermanno Brignolo. Metamórfosis de la soledad, dedicated to Italian guitarist Alberto Mesirca, stems directly from observing the artistic solitude glimpsed by the composer in artwork by Gastone Cecconello on a personal visit to his studio. It takes the form of a series of short movements based on Angelo Gilardino’s study ‘Soledad’ from his collection Studi di Virtuosità e di Trascendenza. These movements offer a prismatic vision of the material from the introduction to the study, heavily abridged to allow it to be used as a theme for a cycle of variations. In 2019 and 2020, Porqueddu’s figurative art studies led him to discover the wonderful ancient Chinese artwork Eight Views of the Xiao and Xiang Rivers, a set of eight parchments dating from the Song Dynasty, approximately 1150 AD. Porqueddu wrote the solo Studies from Eight Views from Xiaoxiang while studying Mario Castelnuovo-Tedesco’s 21 Greeting Cards for guitar. They are built on clearly identifiable melodic sketches, and alternate between demanding technical skill and a capacity for introspection from the performer.

– One of the key artists of the Brilliant Classics catalogue Cristiano Porqueddu has recorded a wealth of guitar repertoire, including authoritative recordings of music by Angelo Gilardino, Agustín Barrios and Mario Castelnuovo-Tedesco. He has been praised for his imaginative and evocative playing, ‘Cristiano Porqueddu is a master guitarist,’ says the Cuban composer Leo Brouwer, ‘and one of the foremost representatives of the new generation of soloists. He brings sound to life, and then turns it into art.’
– This new recording presents Cristiano Porqueddu as a composer, in works for his own instrument, the guitar. The music is rich, innovative, highly attractive and superbly written for the instrument, evoking magical sounds and sonorities. Porqueddu finds inspiration in nature, the sounds and culture of the country and the light of the sky and the sea of his beloved Italian home country.
– Played with great affinity and dedication by Riccardo D’Alò, a former student of Porqueddu, and Lorenzo Micheli Pucci, who made a specialization of the guitar music by Gilardino.

Il disco è distribuito in oltre quaranta paesi in formato fisico ed è disponibile su tutte le piattaforme di streaming esistenti.

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