Ricercare di Sardegna di Dušan Bogdanovic

Ricercare di Sardegna – to Cristiano Porqueddu

Ricercare di Sardegna dedicated to Cristiano Porqueddu is a collection of movements meant to explore different dimensions of Sardinia through the form of ricercare. The Ouverture introduces the essential motifs of the piece in a sort of festive and declamatory manner, perhaps reminiscent of the traditional celebrations held on this ancient island. Nuraghe is a quasi-improvised movement inspired by mysterious megalithic edifices that present Sardinia’s prehistoric heritage. Cantico reflects my experience of Sardinia’s beauty; the chant moves through diverse rhythmical transformations, not unlike that of the maritime movement of the wind and the waves. Prismi amplifies and enriches the structural exploration of the piece; it is the synthesis of the previous three movements. The final movement Mediterraneo – an homage to F. Canova da Milano – brings back the ricercars form to its original Renaissance source. – Dušan Bogdanović

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