Nuova recensione su ArkivMusic per CD Set “Agustín Barrios”

Su ArkivMusic è stata pubblicata una nuova recensione alla mia release discografica “Agustin Barrios Complete Music for Solo Guitar” (C) 2010 Brilliant Classics.

Il testo:

These six discs are arranged by title in alphabetical order, which is handy if you know what you’re looking for, and if you don’t, this arrangement works about as well as any. As you might expect, the music is charming, entertaining, and intermittently moving, even if 110 tracks of it might be a bit much. Still, there’s no denying the ability of guitarist Cristiano Porqueddu. Check out his virtuoso take on the Tarantella on CD 6; he’s more than got the chops for these pieces—and he’s just as effective in the more reflective numbers, or where Barrios strikes a deeper note (such as the three-movement suite La Catedral). The engineering also is very vivid, clean, and clear. The usual sound of fingers sliding over the instrument comes with theterritory, yet it never becomes annoying given Porqueddu’s rich sound and dexterous handling of his instrument. Overall, an excellent set for guitar fans.

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