Gilardino began writing the “Concerto di Oliena”

Angelo Gilardino, for me master and friend, during the Festival Città di Nuoro – Omaggio ad Angelo Gilardino has lodged in a fabulous place in Sardinia (near to Nuoro, my town) calls Su Gologone.
Su Gologone is a natural crevasse where water goes out from an mysterious underground source: nobody has succeeded in discovering the origin of the source.

Gilardino has appreciated the places and the panoramas of Sardinia in spring: indescribable lights and colors. These lights, these colors, that perfumes have suggested to the composer a new work for guitar and orchestra: “Concerto di Oliena”. Oliena (my mother’s place of birth) is a village next to Su Gologone.

The composer has dedicated the work to me and there are not words or thoughts that can express the satisfaction for this.

The only way to say thanks to Gilardino for this splendid gift will be to make homage to the composition with a memorable first execution. I will make of all, as usual, in order to catch up the result in the better possible way.

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