Leon Roulette pittore californiano

Mio malgrado, non conoscevo Leon Roulette, pittore californiano contemporaneo.  L’uso acceso dei colori è avvolgente. I suoi dipinti en plein air (letteralmente all’aria aperta, un metodo pittorico consistente nel dipingere all’aperto per cogliere le sottili sfumature che la luce genera su ogni particolare) portano l’osservatore dentro il mondo dell’artista.

Qui una ricca bacheca Pinterest con alcune sue opere.

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Biografia essenziale di Roulette 

Leon Roulette was born in 1959, and grew up in southern California. Even when he was a child, he had both a great love of the outdoors and a deep interest in painting.

He received private art instruction at an early age, and eventually graduated California State University of Long Beach with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Fine Arts.

He studied both classical art as well as theories of architecture and design. After graduating college, he soon became an art instructor in southern California.

In the 1980’s, he became the art director for a prominent art studio, designing and creating serigraphs for Universal Studios, Warner Brothers and Walt Disney Studios.

Today, Roulette primarily works in the great outdoors (Plein Air), capturing nature’s beauty with spontaneity, bold strokes of color and thick applications of paint. His landscapes best express his interest in nature’s play of sunlight on objects.

Today, Roulette is a member of the Plein Air Painters of the Northwest where artists are inspired by such greats as 17th century Dutch painter Jacob van Ruysdael and of course, the master of sunlight’s reflection on nature, Claude Monet.




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