Ho vinto l’Editions Orphee Composition Competition 2010


La notizia √® fresca di pochi minuti. Ho appena ricevuto la comunicazione ufficiale di essere stato selezionato come vincitore del Concorso Internazionale di Composizione “Editions Orphee Composition Competition 2010” con il brano per chitarra sola “Il Silenzio del Pendolo”.

Si tratta di un brano per chitarra sola (Tema e Variazioni) diviso in
.Del sentire
.Estrema ratio

A breve la pubblicazione della classifica finale.

One thought on “Ho vinto l’Editions Orphee Composition Competition 2010

  1. Cristiano Porqueddu Reply

    L’annuncio ufficiale e la graduatoria finale:

    Four composers have honored us by submitting their compositions to be judged. The competition was administered by our trustee, Mr. Sean Ferguson, who is Assistant Librarian, Metadata/Technical Services, Editor-in-Chief, R√©pertoire International d’Iconographie Musicale (RIdIM) database at the The Ohio State University Music/Dance Library. He is also the President of the Columbus Guitar Society and a fine guitarist in his own right.

    The judges were:
    Bob Ashley,
    Matanya Ophee,
    Joanne Castellani,
    Michael Andriaccio,
    Arved Ashby,
    Stanley Yates.

    The competition was organized in such a manner that none of the judges had any idea who were the composers whose work we judged. Absolute and complete anonymity was assured at every step of the way. The composers who submitted their work were (in alphabetical order):
    Carlos Barrientos
    John R. Hedger
    Cristiano Porqueddu
    Thomas Schuttenhelm

    The ranking of the judges, almost unanimous, resulted in this:
    First place – Cristiano Porqueddu
    Second place – Thomas Schuttenhelm
    Third place – John R. Hedger
    Fourth place – Carlos Barrientos.

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