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Cavaliere di Malta è una composizione per chitarra sola di Angelo Gilardino (1941). Fa parte del dittico “Due Ritratti Italiani” incluso nella tracklist della release discografica Angelo Gilardino Complete Music for Solo Guitar 1965-2013 che Brilliant Classics distribuisce in oltre 40 paesi dal mese di Maggio del 2015.


Informazioni sul cofanetto

Constantly striving to create a new type of dialogue between the guitar and accompanying instruments, Gilardino composed his first concerto for guitar and orchestra in 1996, sealing his reputation as an accomplished orchestral composer with an additional 16 concertos thereafter. During the 2000s, Gilardino returned to writing for the solo guitar, skilfully bridging the divide between atonal chromatic and diatonic modal music. Gilardino’s compositions are inspired by music from all areas and epochs; from Mozart, Ravel and Messiaen to Scottish folk tunes and the beauty of the Mediterranean, there are few elements that are not represented in some shape or form in the composer’s works. Porqueddu studied under Gilardino at the ‘Lorenzo Perosi’ Academy in Biella, and under the composer’s guidance his compositions have won him international plaudits in his own right. Angelo Gilardino is one of the most important guitar composers of the last half century. His unique style is a blend of the old and new, folk art and contemporary music, from Mozart to Messiaen, all his works are illuminated by a warm and mediterranean glow, a feeling of humanity and love for life. Included are all the works he wrote for guitar solo & guitar and orchestra. Included are his famous 60 Trancendental Studies. The set includes many world premieres.
No better advocate and interpreter could be wished than guitarist Cristiano Porqueddu, a lifelong pupil and friend of the composer, sharing the same musical passions.

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      Dear Craig,
      the 60 “Studi di virtuosità e di trascendenza” by Angelo Gilardino were recorded for the first time ever between 2005 and 2007 for Michelangeli Editore (Milano, Italy) and distributed with a classical guitar italian magazine. In 2009 the major Brilliant Classics have grouped the five CDs together in the “Trascendentia 5 CD Set” that in just six months sold over 2k copies.
      In 2015 Brilliant Classics have included the 60 Gilardino’s Studies in the 14 CD set box dedicated to Gilardino music for solo guitar composed between 1965 and 2013.

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          The 20 Studi Facili are included in the 2012 release “Gilardino 20 Studi Facili” by Brilliant Classics.
          In the 2015 has been included in the 14 CD Set “Gilardino Complete Music for Solo Guitar 1965-2013” by Brilliant Classics.

          List of studies:

          No. 1: Stendardo
          No. 2: Nuvole
          No. 3: Sera
          No. 4: Gloria
          No. 5: Scolastica
          No. 6: Notte
          No. 7: Saturno
          No. 8: Papillon
          No. 9: Fontanella
          No. 10: Domande
          No. 11: Unruhe
          No. 12: Tropicale
          No. 13: Tombeau
          No. 14: Burlesca
          No. 15: Pastorale
          No. 16: Escheriana
          No. 17: Tzigane
          No. 18: Zivago
          No. 19: Ghirlanda
          No. 20: Ventanas

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